Ratification of the Minamata Convention

The Italian Senate ratified the Minamata Convention on Mercury (DDL S. 1171, http://www.senato.it/leg/18/BGT/Schede/Ddliter/51523.htm).

The ratification of the Convention by the Parliament is highly appreciated by the researchers of the Institute on Air Pollution (CNR-IIA) who in the last 20 years have coordinated important research projects financed by the European Commission and major international organizations (US-EPA, UNEP-GEF, etc.).

The result of the research activities of CNR-IIA has contributed to improving knowledge on key aspects of the biogeochemical cycle of mercury and its impact on health and the environment. CNR researchers have also provided a notable contribution to the political process by transferring the results of the research at national and international level by participating in the various technical mediation tables and in groups of experts representing the European Union and Italy.