The purposes of CNRM are:

  • coordination of the program for the observation of mercury and its compounds on a global scale, developed as part of the European project Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS);
  • management of all activities related to the validation, reporting, and data dissemination, including those relating to health impacts
  • update on a yearly basis of the inventory of mercury emissions
  • coordination of modelling studies for the analysis of future emission reduction scenarios
  • to provide technical assistance and support to developing countries to strengthen their technical, organizational and managerial capacities in the implementation of the obligations under the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

The establishment of an international reference centre for mercury and its coordination by Italy is of great strategic importance both nationally and internationally, as it will help strengthen the country’s role in international and European environmental policies, and it will give impetus to future technological developments in the field of environmental monitoring and control of industrial emissions.