F&T Partnership


As part of the Global Mercury Partnership of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), in 2005 it was established the one relating to the transport of mercury in the atmosphere and to the research on its fate: Mercury Air Transport and Fate Research Partnership Area – UNEP F&T.

Among its main objectives there are both the advancement of scientific knowledge relating to the global cycle of mercury and its transport / transformation / deposition / fate processes, that the sharing of this knowledge among scientists and between them and policy makers.

The partnership includes experts from all over the world who have provided over the years and still provide a relevant scientific contribution within the UNEP Mercury Program.  

The reports produced within the F&T Partnership has been adopted by UNEP as a technical-scientific basis both within the Open Ended Working Group, the technical group set up to establish the possible viable options discussed both during the work of the intergovernmental negotiating committee, the one through which the text of the Minamata International Convention on mercury was discussed and prepared, and during the sessions of the UNEP Board of Directors in the Sessions of 2005, 2007 and 2009.