The Secretariat plays a coordinating role and provides technical-scientific support:

  • contributes to the negotiating tables at both European and international level in defining the objectives and the implementation procedures of the Minamata Convention and the reporting methods of environmental and health observation data, both nationally and internationally
  • supports the Head of the CNRM in institutional activities, both in Europe and internationally, mainly UNEP and UNECE-CLRTAP *
    *Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • coordinates, where appropriate, its activities with those of the secretariats of other important international centers or bodies
  • carries out all secretarial activities for the UNEP F&T Partnership
  • takes care of the implementation of all the necessary actions for a correct and effective communication of the activities conducted by the CNRM.

It was born on the basis of the experience gained through the coordination of the activities of the UNEP F&T Partnership.

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