The new EuroGEOSec project, of which the CNR-IIA is one of the core partners, has just started. 

EuroGEOSec will see the establishment of a secretariat for EuroGEO, bringing back together a European consortium built from the core group involved in the H2020 e-shape project. They will be collaborating with the Joint Research Centre Knowledge Center on Earth Observation (JRC-KCEO) to support the EuroGEO vision, preparing the transition of the EuroGEO initiative into a sustainable endeavor, and developing a sustainability plan guiding its long-term operation. 

The Secretariat will strengthen and promote EuroGEO’s priorities; serve as the basis for evidence-informed allocation of research funding; support the organization of EuroGEO events and meetings; guide the dialogue with relevant stakeholders, and raise awareness of and interest in the EuroGEO initiative.